We understand that fast and accurate translation of your documents is extremely important for your development and success.

The rapidly evolving industry needs high quality translation and localization services that help the companies send their message to the global markets.

We successfully perform technical translations, economic translations, IT translations (including software), medical translations, etc.

Please find below just a short list of the documents we have translated in each field.

Technical field

  • operation manuals,
  • job descriptions,
  • protocols,
  • licences,
  • technical instructions,
  • vehicle registration certificates,
  • driving licences,
  • vehicle registration documents,
  • warranty certificates,
  • technological processes,
  • brochures,
  • maintenance instructions,
  • work safety documentation,
  • cadastral maps,
  • building permit,
  • town planning certificates, etc.

Economic field

  • company documents,
  • balance sheets, balances,
  • invoices,
  • payment orders,
  • statements,
  • orders,
  • tender application files,
  • financing files,
  • leasing,
  • projects for financing programs,
  • income statements,
  • credit terms and conditions,
  • statements of bank account,
  • insurance policies,
  • bank audit reports,
  • import / export invoices,
  • customs declarations,
  • transportation licences, etc

Legal field

  • European legislation,
  • commercial contracts,
  • European norms,
  • memorandums of association, etc

Medical field

  • diagnostics,
  • clinical records,
  • professional manuals,
  • medical certificates,
  • drug leaflets,
  • medical practitioner certifications,
  • medical tests, etc

IT field

  • software applications,
  • websites,
  • software projects,
  • operation instructions, etc

Desktop Publishing (DTP) services

Do you have complex documents to translate and to submit to DTP? Please apply with confidence to our DTP (Desktop Publishing) team that is able to process your text, images as well as any other DTP item of your files.

Our team is able to work with documents in the following formats: Acrobat Reader, Corel Draw, Quark Express, Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, as well as any other electronic or even scanned document.